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Information for Faculty

Submitting Courses to General Education

  • New Courses:

    New course proposals must be submitted in the Curriculum Forms System. Where appropriate, answer "Yes" to the question on the form to indicate that the course is being proposed as an Illinois State General Education course. Attach documentation to the online proposal indicating how the course addresses the General Education goals specific to the category designation you are requesting.

  • Course Revisions:

    Current course revision proposals must be submitted in the Curriculum Forms System. The form includes questions related to the General Education Program. Please be sure to indicate if the course you are revising is currently a General Education course or if you want it to be reviewed for inclusion in the General Education Program.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete at least one 3 credit hour course in 'AMALI' or 'IDEAS'.

Explore Graduation Requirements (AMALI & IDEAS)

General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Institutional Artifact Portfolio (IAP) process for General Education assessment has been designed to help illustrate students’ acquisition of the knowledge and skills addressed in the General Education Program. Information collected from the Institutional Artifact Portfolio will provide faculty with specific data to address areas of strength and weakness of the current General Education curriculum.

General Education syllabi will be collected periodically to verify continuity with program outcomes.

Visit the University Assessment Services website to access information and forms necessary to participate in the Institutional Portfolio Process for the General Education Program.

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