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General Education at Illinois State University

General Education at Illinois State lays the foundation for the undergraduate experience. It provides the knowledge and skills that prepare for a major as well as a lifetime that may well include several different career paths.

Illinois State University's General Education Program prepares students to be globally engaged citizens who seek knowledge, appreciate diversity, think critically, communicate effectively, act responsibly and work collaboratively.

Our Commitment

Illinois State University is committed to:

  • A motivating and engaging faculty and staff who inspire curiosity and empower students;
  • A seamless integration of curriculum and co-curriculum that engages students, extends beyond the classroom, and broadens their perspectives.

Students who successfully complete the General Education Program will have acquired

  • I. Knowledge of diverse human cultures and the physical and natural world, allowing them to

    • Use theories and principle concepts, both contemporary and enduring, to understand technologies, diverse cultures, and the physical and natural world;
    • Explain how the combination of the humanities, fine arts, natural and social sciences, and technology contribute to the quality of life for individuals and communities;
    • Experience and reflect on global issues.
  • II. Intellectual and practical skills, allowing them to

    • Make informed judgments;
    • Analyze data to examine research questions and test hypotheses;
    • Report information effectively and responsibly;
    • Write in a variety of genres, contexts, and disciplines;
    • Deliver purposeful presentations that inform attitudes or behaviors.
  • III. Personal and social responsibility, allowing them to

    • Participate in activities that are both individually life-enriching and socially beneficial to a diverse community;
    • Interact competently in a variety of cultural contexts;
    • Demonstrate ethical decision making;
    • Demonstrate the ability to think reflectively.
  • IV. Integrative and applied learning, allowing them to

    • Identify and solve problems;
    • Transfer learning to novel situations;
    • Work effectively in teams.

News and Announcements

Old Main Bell on the ISU Quad in the fall
Since October, the Executive Committee of the General Education Revision Task Force has been carefully reviewing the feedback it received. The committee is currently engaged in making carefully considered and appropriate adjustments to their proposal and hopes the proposal will be completed by the end of the fall semester.  

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  • Resources

    For a complete list of all General Education Program policies and requirements, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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