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Council on General Education

Operating Policies

The responsibilities of the Council are as follows:

  • To coordinate the undergraduate curriculum for General Education and Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS), ensuring that the spirit of the philosophy of General Education is maintained by the program.
  • To periodically review and analyze existing General Education and IDS courses and programs, based on program objectives and student outcomes.
  • To report recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding program modifications.
  • To provide consultation to departments, colleges, and other faculty groups who are planning new additions to the undergraduate curriculum for General Education and IDS.
  • To review and approve or disapprove all proposals for new programs (majors, minors, sequences), courses, and changes in existing programs/courses connected to General Education and IDS, in consultation with the Director of General Education.
  • To provide the Academic Senate each year with a report of the Council on General Education's proceedings.