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Current Council Members


  • Tony Marinello, CFA
  • Haiyan Xie, CAST
  • Gregory Ferrence, CAS Natural Sciences, Chair
  • Gregory Braswell, CAS Social Sciences
  • Kimberly Nance, CAS Humanities
  • Joseph Goodman, COB
  • Allison Antink Meyer, COE
  • Chris Worland, Milner Library
  • Yvette Pigman, Mennonite College of Nursing
  • Mary Elaine Califf, University Curriculum Committee
  • Rocio Rivadeneyra, Associate Dean of CAS
  • Linda Clemmons, Interim Director of Honors
  • Brian Aitken, University College
  • Amy Hurd, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education

Recording Secretary

  • Soemer Simmons, Enrollment Management and Academic Services

Student Members

  • Bothwell Piason
  • TBD (3)